Our Club.

Santa Barbara SC is committed to developing the individual person and player within the organization to their full potential. First and foremost to creating a positive environment for development through instilling excellence in each individual person while providing the platform for aspiring players to play at the next level; high school, college, national team, college and professional teams. 

Players & Parents.

Santa Barbara SC membership is expected to be loyal and adhere to and aspire to develop as a person and player in all facets of the club.  Our membership actions must strive towards the learning and nurturing of our core values as the foundation for life. Throughout the club experience players will continually improve as a person and player while holding themselves to high expectations as they learn to develop into future leaders on and off the playing field.


We are here first and foremost to develop quality people.  Through soccer we look to develop quality players through a well-organized and developed individual development plan adhering to systems, styles and methods of play. The club will create a culture for learning for all facets (players, parents and coaches) that everyone in the community can take pride in.  All of our thought processes from the Director of Coaching all the way down to the individual player themselves will keep the individual player in mind with ALL decision making.